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Monday, February 11, 2008

Fingerprinting: Safety or Invasion?

There have been a number of Real Estate Commissions across the US that have added, or are adding fingerprinting as a requirement to getting/renewing your license. Once it's done, you don't have to do it again, they just want everyone on record for the public's safety.

But many real estate agents think it's not only just an added cost to getting/keeping a license, but also an invasion of privacy. It's just another way to keep "big brother" in the middle of our lives.

I've asked a few friends what they think, and it most of them seem to think what I do. It is another annoying cost (about $50 in Texas I think), but if you don't have anything to hide, why not? It can be used as a marketing tool for RE agents - adding trust back into those relationships.

I am all about keeping real estate licensing costs down, but I am also in favor of keeping the public safe. From a marketing standpoint at AgentCampus, how many of you would like to see us offer a voucher for a free fingerprinting after passing the classes you take with us?

I'm not saying this is possible, I'm just thinking out loud. I am just a simple marketer thinking about how I can make my student's lives easier. :)

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